Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY inspiration: cap-toe shoes

I really like all the cap-toe heels I've been seeing lately, but I've sworn off buying any shoes until all the ones I own are completely worn to death. Plus I'm not a heels-type girl anyway, but I couldn't help thinking about how easy it would be to DIY these types of shoes. All you'd need is your prefered colour of spraypaint and tape (to tape a straight line and cover all the parts you don't want spraypainted). A couple coats of paint on the shoe tip and that's it! You might want to spray on a coat of paint sealer afterwards, just in case. It's such an easy shoe-revamp!

These black lace-up boots look so comfortable... and the silver metalcaps would make great self-defense weaponry.

These sky-high YSL Pumps look mighty dangerous too...

Later on, I went searching online and found some simple & easy tutorials for cap-toe shoes. Personally, I think the cap-toe looks better on pointy pumps, but these following tutorials for rounded-toe flats are great nonetheless:

DIY Cap-Toe Shoes (using nail polish) from PostGradChic

DIY Neon-Toe Shoes from Green Wedding Shoes


I'm on a self-imposed shoe shopping ban, but if you have a boring old pair of heels lying around, you might as well experiment with them and paint on some colour!

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