Monday, May 7, 2012

when Star Wars meets potatoes

A couple days ago, my friend Angel sent me a photo of a T-shirt she saw that reminded her of me, since I like Mr. Potatohead and fries and basically any other greasy deep-fried potato product. 

Well, I thought it was super awesome, except for the fact that even though there's a Star Wars reference, there really was nothing else greatly galactic about the potato characters. 

So... I decided to draw a new and improved version. I based my Darth Vader Potato off this little guy here, a Star Wars Mr. Potatohead by Hasbro, aptly named DARTH TATER.

Here's my version of the T-shirt...

Presenting Darth Tater and... LUKE FRYWALKER (I thought of that one myself... genius no?) HAHA. Come on... it's punny...laugh, you!!!

This was coloured with some crappy dollar-store pencil crayons... but I'm pretty proud of my little Luke Frywalker. Now I'm tempted to draw the rest of the Star Wars characters in potato form!!!

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