Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY: tissue-paper flowers part 2

I'm sick today so I suppose I've got some time to blog. I'm quite antsy though - it's hard to stay home for an entire day - but I need the rest. Anyway, here is a mini-continuation of yesterday's tissue-paper flower tutorial. 

If you notice, the white flowers on the wreath are actually bigger than the pink ones. That's because instead of using tissue-paper, I actually used WHITE IKEA NAPKINS. It's the exact same process, and it's actually pretty useful if you're going to be making a whole bunch because #1: white napkins are CHEAP and #2: they're all the same size so you don't have to constantly measure each flower.

So there you go... giant white flowers made out of napkins. They're multi-purpose because they're pretty AND you can wipe your mouth on them. hahaha.


If you're interested, here are some links to more paper-flowers/pom-pom inspiration:

If you want to make even BIGGER giant flower POM-POMS, here's the Martha Stewart tutorial on how to do just that. I like how she shows how to do everything in 4 easy pictures, instead of my whole 20-image rant. But you like my rant. You know you do. HAHA.

I am obsessed with the warm sunny colours in this photo.

images via

Here are some Pom-Poms on cupcakes (from Kre8tive Life)

...a yellow+grey wedding reception with a ceiling full of Pom-Poms (from The Sweetest Occasion)

Here's another great tutorial from Honestly WTF on how to make crepe flowers with a similar method to the Pom-Poms. looks like a huge weed-growth from the ceiling, but this crepe-flower chandelier is super crazy! (in a good way).

...this simple outdoor wedding ceremony features colourful crepe pom-poms hung on a tree and tiny furry pom-poms dotting the aisle (from Southern Weddings).

...and this wedding reception just goes all out with colour! (found here).

Last but not least... if you've made a whole bunch of paper-flowers and have no idea what to do with them, you can always wear them on your head.

or... to take it one step further, why wear flowers when you can be one?

...oh so awkward.

the end.

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  1. ahahahahas. that last picture is too awesome. can you wear that when you come back to Van? please.

    i loveeeee all the inspiration pictures!


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